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Medical research consistently demonstrates that floatation therapy has a significant impact on improving your mental state. This is accomplished by elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins, through to the deep meditative state achieved during your float experience.

Floatation can specifically be used to target pain and trauma. Studies have shown floatation to successfully relieve the painful symptoms associated with PTSD, relieve the strenuous elements of pregnancy and help with chronic migraines. It can also:

Create mental clarity

Alleviate stress

Energise, rejuvenate and revitalise

Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation

Increases motivation

Diminishes depression, anxiety & fear


Floatation is the most profound method out there to combat the impact of stress. The floatation tank delivers a unique environment, free from the constant analysis of the world around you, and in response, the body lowers its cortisol levels.

The magnesium-based Epsom Salts we use here at Float UK benefit you. It softens and replenishes your skin, and helps counteract the magnesium deficiency that most of us have due to reduced magnesium levels in our diet.

Improves sleep

Heightens your senses

Stimulates left/right brain synchronisation

Shifts brain waves from beta to lower frequency alpha, theta and even delta

Increases creativity, problem-solving

Deepens meditation


Floatation therapy helps people reach their maximum mental and physical potential. When inside the tank where the sensory input is reduced, a mental state where your learning abilities are at their highest and powers of visualisation are greatly enhanced. 

With fewer distractions and greater resources at its disposal, the mind is able to absorb new material deeply, with research showing improved performance in memory and recall activities. Also, known to: 

Eliminates Fatigue and Jetlag

Reduces the production of cortisol, ACTH and lactic acid

Increase production of endorphins

Speed up rehabilitation and recovery

Relieve pain (arthritis, migraines, & injuries)

Improve blood circulation

Reduce heart rate and blood pressure

Boost immune function

Help prevent sports injuries

Speed up the healing process

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