The many benefits athletes can experience from flotation therapy including improved athletic performance, stress and fatigue relief and accelerated injury recovery.

Performance and floating

Athletes all over the world face a number of challenges in training and performance. Many of these challenges have been proven to benefit from flotation therapy, a weightless experience in a specially designed tank containing Epsom salts to enhance relaxation and provide mineral stimulation for the body.

Flotation therapy has been widely accepted as a natural way to relax and relieve stress. For athletes the benefits of flotation therapy are numerous. One of the main benefits to athletes is accelerated injury recovery and a distinct increase in energy due to the body being allowed to relax correctly and combat athlete’s fatigue.

Flotation therapy has also been proven to reduce muscle soreness and levels of Lactic acid due to the weightless, relaxing environment created by the flotation tank experience. In addition, athletes are known to use techniques in visualisation whilst experiencing flotation therapy, many of these athletes have reported that it improved their performance significantly.

Speeds recovery

Removing pressure caused by gravity on the muscles and joints of the body creates a state of heightened physical relaxation. As a result an athlete’s intake of oxygen lowers as does their blood pressure. Whilst these decrease, red blood cell distribution and flow of blood increases which aids speedy injury recovery and assists in removing excess adrenaline build up.

Reduces risk of injury

Muscle loosening is also one of the main benefits of flotation therapy reported by athletes which acts as a natural reduction of injury risk when competing or in training. Flotation therapy also assists in the release of larger quantities than normal of endorphins which act naturally to reduce pain and discomfort.

Pain reduction

Flotation therapy is perfect for restoring metabolic and chemical balance within the body which in turn can assist in the reduction of muscle cramps and pain as well as assisting in combating feelings of anti-climax post performance.

Quietens the mind

The psychological state of an athlete can also be enhanced by the use of flotation therapy whereby during the enhanced relaxation process the athlete can practice VMBR – (Visual Motor Behaviour Rehearsal). This practice has been proven to enhance the positive mental attitude of the athlete and their overall performance.