We know that some of you may be concerned about booking a float session right now so we’d like to reassure you that we’re going above and beyond to make the float centre, the therapy rooms and of course the pods a safe place for you to get away from it all.

If you need some respite from the worry and uncertainty of the outside world, floating still ticks a lot of boxes: no crowds, utmost attention to cleanliness and of course it’s great for destressing, resting your body and thinking about nothing much at all. 

Our pods

The Orbit pods we use were designed here, by the team at Float UK, and they offer the most hygienic float you can have.

  • The only pods to fully empty after each float, ensuring 100% of the solution is filtered and sanitised each time
  • Weak hydrogen peroxide solution is a standard addition to the float solution; safe and non-toxic to us it will kill viruses even at low concentrations
  • The huge quantities of salt used in each float (around 550 kg) also act as a natural disinfectant
Clean pod ready for next float

At the float centre

Most of your time at the float centre will be spent on your own, inside a pod so at least social distancing is easy! Here are some of the extra measures we’re taking: 

  • QR code for NHS track-and-trace check-in
  • Hand sanitiser available
  • Screened reception area
  • Staff and clients to wear a face covering in communal areas
  • Float sessions staggered so clients don’t arrive at the same time
  • One-way system to avoid passing others
  • Communal areas like the Vanity Room and Relaxation Lounge are closed
  • Clients advised to bring their own towels and refreshments
  • More time between floats to allow staff to deep-clean

Keep checking back here for up-to-date info and if there is something else we could be doing or if you have any questions, please get in touch. Hope to see you soon!

COVID signs at Float UK