Flotation therapy is perfect for athletes.  Floating will help your to naturally relax as the effects of gravity are removed. The muscles and joints in your body will be released from any strain and magnesium is absorbed through your skin, helping your blood to flow throughout your entire system. Many athletes rely on flotation therapy before and after they exercise, as it can have a massively positive impact on their physical performance.

Some of the famous athletes who use Flotation therapy are; 

Tom Brady, Chris Hogan, Stephen Curry, Wayne Rooney, Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater, Dont’a Hightower, Carl Lewis as well as many Olympians and super bowl champions.

Floating can:

Speed up rehabilitation and recovery of muscles

Reduce heart rate and blood pressure

Create a deeper state of meditation

Speed up the healing process

Improve blood circulation

Help prevent sports injuries

Reduce muscle soreness

Help visualisation and mental training

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a stunning example of how phenomenally our bodies work. We are amazing, but let’s be honest here ladies, not all expectant Mothers feel so amazing towards the second or third trimester! We’re constantly searching for the most beneficial advice to relieve the strain on our bodies or just relax, which in itself can be confusing and very conflicting

But here’s the good news, Floatation Therapy can ease most pregnancy-related gripes and leave you feeling amazingly relaxed & rejuvenated, giving your entire body a sense of total weightlessness. It can also enhance the bonding process for Dad-To-Be too.

93% of our communication is non-verbal and we pick up on the energies of those we spend time around. If you’re feeling great so will Dad & Baby, if you’re feeling worried or stressed, Dad & Baby will feel it too, so Floatation therapy really can provide marvellous extended results.

Overworked Individuals

Flotation therapy creates a relaxing environment, which helps you to escape from the outside world. Floating is proven to increase feelings of serenity and relaxation, and it helps people to feel less tense, stressed and anxious.

Floating can help you to relax your body and your mind, and is a perfect release after a long day at work. At Float UK we offer evening flotation sessions for you to relax after a busy day!

Flotation can help to alleviate:

Exhaustion & Headaches

Stress and tension

aches, pains and tense muscles

Chest pain & rapid heartbeats


Frequent colds and infections

High blood pressure and many more associated ailments

Pain Sufferers

The amazing benefits of Floatation Therapy have been taken very seriously by medical professors around the world. This is a phenomenon in terms of how counter-productive Floatation Therapy is and here are just two reasons;

Firstly, the anti-gravity aspect of floating in a warm solution means that for the first time, you are totally weightless and your muscles and soft tissues have the ability to expand to their fullest capacity. This then has a ricochet effect on the rest of your body which allows greater oxygen & blood flow and releases tension in areas compressed by gravity.

Secondly, Epsom Salts are and have been hailed as one of the most effective healing & anti-inflammatory properties for as long as we can remember. It soothes aching muscles, creates the buoyancy to support your full weight and it was recently confirmed, that the best way to gain a transfusion of Magnesium Sulphate is in fact through the skin. How many boxes does that tick already?

We’ve put a little list together of examples of common ailments which Floatation Therapy is really beneficial to:

Back Pain

Parkinson’s disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as ME)

Sporting Injuries


Eradicating Toxins from the body

Relieve stress & anxiety which accompanies pain

Reduce the effects of Whip Lash, Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

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